About Us

 The Black Diamond Polo Club (BDPC) was opened in 1999 by Rob Peters in Black Diamond, Alberta Canada. The original vision for the club was focused on two main areas:

  1. To create a welcoming atmosphere that opened up the possibility of playing polo to a broader audience of people who may have preconceived ideas about the requirements to get involved in the sport, such as hiring professional players, playing in higher goal polo, etc.
  2. To collaborate more closely with other Canadian clubs, extending the member base and ensuring broader participation in tournaments not only at BDPC, but also at other Western Canadian clubs.

 The club currently has over 20 members, ranging from experienced players to beginners. All are integrated into regular club chukkers (or periods) that occur three days a week from June through September. A beginner league plays twice a week, to provide coaching and a safe learning environment. Typically beginners start playing in regular club chukkers within the first year of participating. 

 Although the Peters family continues to sponsor the club, the broader membership also supports their original vision by participating in Western Canadian tournaments and supporting the efforts of players new to the sport. The BDPC members are a great example of how the polo community embraces those who already play, and those new to the sport.